hile the State of Missouri has 6 different license levels for care facilities, they fall under one of 5 general descriptions:

Assisted Living Communities

Facility provides 24-hr care, services and protective oversight to residents who are provided with shelter and board, and who may need assistance with activities of daily living which include eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring and walking. Facility also provides oversight for storage, distribution, or administration of medications; and health care supervision under the direction of a licensed physician, and consistent with a social model of care. A social model of care includes long-term care services based on the abilities, desires, and functional needs of individuals delivered in a setting that is more home-like than institutional and which promotes the dignity, privacy, independence, and autonomy of the individual.

Assisted Living Communities may allow residents to age in place by offering care on-site or contracting with a nursing agency, although these services typically incur an additional cost determined by level of care.

Residential Care Facilities

Facility which provides 24-hour accommodation, board, and care to three or more residents who need or are provided with supervision of diets, assistance in personal care, storage, distribution or administration of medications, supervision of health care under the direction of a licensed physician, and protective oversight, including care during short-term illness or recuperation. They are often more homelike in atmosphere.

Intermediate Care Facility

Facility provides 24-hour accommodation, board, personal care, and basic health and nursing care services under the daily supervision of a licensed nurse and direction of a licensed physician to three or more residents dependent for care and supervision.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Facility provides 24-hour accommodation, board and skilled nursing care and treatment services to at least three residents. Skilled nursing care and treatment services are commonly performed by or under the supervision of a registered professional nurse for individuals requiring twenty-four hour care by licensed nursing personnel including acts of observation, care and counsel of the aged, ill, injured or infirm, the administration of medications and treatments as prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist, and other nursing functions requiring substantial specialized judgment and skill.

Memory Care Facilities (MCF)

A facility providing specialized, secure care for seniors unable to communicate or complete activities of daily living due to Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of memory loss. By licensure, a memory care facility my fall into one or more of the above description while accommodating the unique challenges of clients experiencing memory loss issues.

There are over 250 licensed communities in the St. Louis area and each unique in their own way. Let us help you simplify the search. Together we can find the right fit for your loved one, and you can return to being a family member and not their caregiver.


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