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Where Should I Start To Find A St Louis Assisted Living Community?


irst, stop and take a deep breath! It will be okay, and we can say that with confidence since we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve been through it with our own family, and we still remember that overwhelming feeling. It is a daunting task, and even more so when done on your own. The good news is, you won’t be alone.


What sets Transitions For Senior Living apart is our dedication to the time and effort needed to personally meet with you and your loved ones; so, that we can truly understand the care needs of your family before we begin to recommend a home. We are also a hands-on, local service that is completely free to you and your loved ones.

How We Can Help:


e’ve surveyed licensed facilities in person to best understand the type and quality of care they provide their residents. We understand the various levels of care under Missouri licensee guidelines and which facilities are best equipped for any foreseeable changes in your loved one’s needs. We know which communities are smaller and more like “home”, in contrast to those which provide more extensive social calendars and group-centric activities. We help make sense of the financial facets of the long-term care industry, including the charges for different levels of care, and any additional services needed. Understanding the economics, as well as social settings, is equally important in this decision making process. There are some great assisted living communities in the St Louis area, and frankly, some that don’t have the standards of care that meet our expectations.











The Personal Assessment


e promptly speak with you and your family members to better understand the situation and desires of you and your loved ones. We will then personally visit with your loved one in need of care and assess them physically and socially to help in simplifying your search. This includes considerations for physical, cognitive, financial,social, spiritual and geographical aspects of the long-term care process.



We Don’t Stop There…


fter our assessment, we will condense our choices to the top three to five facilities in the area fitting the criteria you’ve provided to us. With your guidance, we will arrange and accompany you on a tour of each of these communities that interest you. We won’t waste your time with facilities that won’t meet your needs, because choices in communities are as varied as each resident.


Once you have chosen the right community, we stay involved as your loved one transitions to their new home. We will be there to help you, each and every step of the way. We can also refer you to professional resources in the community to further assist you in your transition process.



 How is this free?


ur clients do not pay us. Our service is free to our clients. Instead, we are paid by the communities that we serve.