Can you help us find assisted living in the St. Louis area?
We help families with assisted living tours throughout St. Louis Metro area. We schedule and attend tours with you. We know what questions to ask and what to consider. We have visited facilities in the St. Louis area and we’ve interviewed medical professionals asking opinions of local assisted living facilities. We can help you simplify the search.
How are you free?
Our clients do not pay us, we are free to them and their families. We are paid a modest referral fee by the assisted living/memory care facility that is chosen by the family.
Why use Transitions for Senior Living instead of finding a housing option on our own?
We have experience in the St. Louis area and know what the good options are, versus the less-than-desirable ones. We also help find the right fit for the client. Not every option is appropriate for any given client. Each client has unique needs and we do our best to ensure they will be happy long term in the option they choose. We also know what options cost and can help expedite the process for the family, keeping them from calling all over town.
Can you help every family?
Due to Federal guidelines, we are not allowed to provide this service to clients utilizing Medicaid benefits for housing costs. Give us a call and we can discuss options to assist you with your situation.
When do we know when it is time to consider memory care options?
This is as individualized as our clients. That is why our assessment is so important in order to help you understand the level of care to consider for your loved one, both now and in the future.
Are there some communities that are able to handle both physical and memory needs?
Yes,and some very good ones here in the St. Louis region. After our assessment, then we can help by discussing the level of care that we think should be considered.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

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