Although true, how much change should we have to endure within the senior living/care industry?

Over the last year, 95% of the senior living communities have had changes within their marketing, executive director or director of nursing staff, and in some communities all of the positions have changed. With each change, also comes a change in the overall culture/feel of the community, either temporary or permanent.

Not only have the personnel changed; but, also the availability of a nurse (LPN or RN) 24/7. It is not required for the license, although, it does affect the level of services and care that can be provided to a resident in the overnight hours. Therefore, if you have a patient that is a high fall risk, needing wound care, or a high medical need, they will no longer be accepted or might be asked to leave some communities.

How as a discharge planner, social worker or care manager do you know whom to contact and is the culture of the community the same?

Let Transitions for Senior Living be that solution for you…for the past eight years, we have been consistent and reliable. We are in these communities on a regular basis; and educate ourselves on who has availability, the extent of services and care they will provide, and give each family several choices that fit their individual care needs.

Transitions for Senior Living represents each community in the St. Louis area and personally walks your patient and family through the entire senior living process. Also, using our services does not take away from the recognition of the marketers in the communities; nor, do your patients get a different rate or incentive.

So let our consistent services help simplify your work and make the transition/discharge successful.

Sharon Balleau, Senior Care Advocate

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Carmen Worley, Senior Care Advocate